About Advanced cattery

First how it started?

Hi friends, my name is Tetiana the story begins many years ago when I had a goal of owning a Scottish Fold kitten. With the arrival of my first kitty, that wish was realized. I've also come to understand that many people worldwide share the same dream as I did. I established my cattery in order to share these great friends with you and your family and to realize the desires of people of all ages.

The standards of Advanced Cattery are very high. Our huge family raises the kittens, allowing them to learn how to interact socially with both young and older children as well as other animals. We breed robust, healthy, and lovely kittens that will grow up to be a part of your family and bring you joy for many years to come.

Tanya Holding Scottish fold kittens

So why choose us?

Our British Shorthairs and British Longhairs at Advanced Cattery have all the characteristics necessary to breed healthy offspring because they are descended from the best European bloodlines. Inbreeding is not something we do. Our goal is to breed kittens that will spend a lifetime with your companion and are happy and healthy.

Our rules

  • Health Guarantee
  • Kitten will be neutered/spayed
  • Kitten will received first FVRP vaccine
  • Kitten will be dewormed
  • TICA registration form will be provided after proof of spay/neuter

Our kittens

  1. Scottish Fold & Scottish Straight  (Sweet and Charming)
  2. British Longhair & British Shorthair  (Calm and Pleasant)
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Scottish fold kitten

Why choose a Scottish Fold/Straight or British Shorthair/Longhair?

I have a variety of colored purebred Munchkin, Scottish Fold, Scottish Straight, British Shorthair, and British Longhair kittens in my cattery.

Both British Shorthairs and British Longhairs have a reputation for being wonderful companion cats. Scottish fold and Scottish straight have a reputation for their sweetness and attractiveness. Additionally, they will cling to every member of the family and are fervently loving and loyal.

Despite their love of games, the British don't require constant attention. For those who work from home, this is fantastic! The British will locate a person and deliver a toy to that person if it is in the mood to play. They are a terrific playmate for single people as well because they can play by themselves.There is a reputation for the sweetness and attractiveness of Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights. Being around and caring for them is simple. With all of the family members, they are pretty friendly and affectionate.

A cute cat wearing a necklase

History Of British Shorthairs and British Longhairs

Though it originated in the farms and streets of Britain, the British Shorthair is also regarded as the very first cat to be associated with a particular breed. Harrison Wier, regarded as the first expert cat breeder, is credited as being the "father" of this breed. As the "Father of the Cat Fancy," he is renowned in cat fancy history. He established the rules for the first cat show, which took place in Britain in 1871, in addition to being the first professional breeder.

As if this weren't enough, Harrison used an extensive breeding effort to breed the typical street cat of Britain into the purebred kind he termed the British. With their brand-new, now-pedigreed breed, the British fell in love. The Persian temporarily displaced the British as the most popular breed after being imported to Britain. The British Shorthair breed was wiped out during both the Second World War and the First World War, but it always recovered to become one of the most popular. Cat registries now recognize the British shorthair all around the world.

Our British Shorthairs and British Longhairs at Advanced Cattery are from Top European bloodlines and have all the characteristics necessary to breed healthy kittens. We aim to produce happy and healthy kittens that will be with your companion for many years.

History Of Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights.

In Scotland's Perthshire, the first documented Scottish Fold was born in 1961. There, among a litter of kittens with "regular" ears, a kitten with folded ears was found. Between develop the folded ear, this kitten, Susie, was bred to domestic cats and British Shorthair cats. Every Scottish Fold today can trace her genealogy back to Susie.

Breeding the Scottish Fold is difficult. It is not possible to breed a folded-ear cat with another folded-ear cat. The American Shorthair and British Shorthair are acceptable outcrosses in addition to a cat with straight ears. If two folded-eared cats are bred together, the offspring may be so crippled that they have trouble walking. Scottish Folds tend to have small litters even with this outcross, and not all of these kittens have folded ears.

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Scottish fold kitten